SOCOM Confrontation Head Figures

These options vary from face paint, with options of streaks to full blown covering, to facial scars. That's right- if you ever wanted to make the grizzled combat vet with a mean scar over his face, you can do it.

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InMyOpinion3753d ago

How about using your own face like in RB6 Vegas etc?

gambare3753d ago

u kidding?

I've seen a lot of people using their own wangs instead of a face, I prefer pre made faces

QUNE3752d ago

I have never seen that. I seriously just busted out laughing (I need to get out more).

InMyOpinion3752d ago

So in other words that's something you can't do on the PS3?

PimpHandStrong3753d ago

of the American flag like in MGS3

newneto3753d ago

Santa Cruz FC flag will look cool.

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