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Rare dev wanted to start Kameo 2 immediately

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton has revealed that he was keen to begin work on a Kameo sequel immediately after the first game was complete.

"This is just me personally, I was very big for the second we got Kameo out, for hitting the deck running and going right we're doing Kameo 2, we're going to take 12 to 18 months to do it, bang, it's done," explained Burton. "But for one reason or another we didn't do that in the time frame where you could hit that sweet spot. So she's got to take a hiatus." (Culture, Dev, Kameo: Elements of Power, Xbox 360)

Bangladesh  +   2367d ago
There certainly needs to be a sequal to Kameo imo. It's a solid platformer with beautiful graphics and art style.

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AngryXbot  +   2367d ago
How many of these shiatass Rare articles are going to be posted here?
They are a mere glimpse of what they were formerly and nothing of their games for the last 5 years have been any good.

All this RARE PROPAGANDA is starting to piss me off. No, RARE talking shiat, does not mean that reality is altered. Reality is still that 360 is an ancient RRODing device that is not futureproof and that lacks half of the MUST HAVE GAMES this generation.
Bangladesh  +   2367d ago
The reality is that you are a f*cking moron. : )

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PoorDroids  +   2367d ago
Kameo was a GORGEOUS game.

poor droids are just jealous they still don't have a game which looks as good, lol.
boodybandit  +   2367d ago
It's about freaking time!
I have been waiting on a sequel to Kameo since it was released. I guess I am one of the few that really liked this game. Titles like this are too far and few on the 360. Now if only Rare could make a new Conker, Killer Instinct and PD0 sequel.

Edit: I just read in another article Rare is working on a new Conker! 1 down 2 more to go.
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elitewh0re  +   2367d ago
wait, a new conker wasnt confirmed, just joked with right?! yeah i actually quite enjoyed kameo too, not sure how the sequel would work, i can't remember the ending exactly, but didnt she restore order to the kingdom?
Dark_Vendetta  +   2367d ago
I would love a sequel too.
Yes she restored everything and turned her sister into stone including this big goblin. But as I remember there was still the witch. She turned out to be bad at the end
Edit: Did you know that Kameo had 3000 trolls and 1000 humans at once on the big battlefield. That's quite impresssive for a launch title
(quote: ...and I just looked at the performance and we can have a couple more thousand if we want as well. In the end they said let's leave it at 4000, we'll have 3000 trolls and 1000 guys.)
source: http://www.videogamer.com/f...
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Megatron08  +   2367d ago
I really enjoyed kameo and I tell anyone that ask about what games to get to pick it up especially if they are looking for something cheap cause you can get the game for 10 dollars. I actually see a lot of people suggest it as a good cheap game so while it doesnt have a gow or halo type fan based it does have a good size fanbased
spunnups  +   2367d ago
these guys from Rare
talk as much as Microsoft, no wonder they're in bed together. Too bad Rare is just a shell of what they used to be.
NewSchoolGamer  +   2367d ago
when do these guys plan to shut up. If you are going to do something do it. Don't run your mouth all day talking about some game you are going to make.

In my opinion they are just trying to make some hype for their upcoming games.
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elitewh0re  +   2367d ago
when do you ever plan to shut up? "In my opinion they are just trying to make some hype for their upcoming games" no sh1t sherlock...
Xi  +   2367d ago
all the Rare stories are from the same site, and the same article which has been split into several parts.
Viktor E  +   2367d ago
"Rare dev wanted to start Kameo 2 immediately"
But couldn't do so based on the limitations on the Xbox platform.
Bangladesh  +   2367d ago
The 360 needs something with no limit to what it can do, maybe something like your anus.

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silverchode  +   2367d ago
im guessing you've been to his anus to know it has no limits.
Xi  +   2367d ago
this website is horrible
why can't they just make one large article instead of 30 small ones.
beavis4play  +   2367d ago
exactly; too much of this BS going on.
Freak of Nature  +   2367d ago
My take on the article is that once the "Banjo 3" dev team finish Banjo 3 they will sit back for a couple months and "wait and see" just how well or not "quite so well" Banjo 3 does....

Once they get a good read somewhere in january 09' they will then decide on which IP to move to next....Banjo 4 or kameo 2? It all hinges on Banjo 3's sales...
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2367d ago
Yes! I would love to see a Kameo sequel. Make it happen Rare/MS!
Deios  +   2367d ago
Just make KI3 first, and then you can make all other sequels you guys want.
Fade_Walker  +   2367d ago
I didn't think Kameo was too bad. But they need to make other sequels like a proper one for Perfect Dark and Conker.

I always hear that Killer Instinct was good, too bad I never got a chance to play it.
Rhezin  +   2367d ago
only a "silverchode" would think of something like that
the ladies must be so impressed. You f!cking fail silver..Shut your f!cking mouth and keep sucking on mommies tit when the grown-ups are talking. BANGLADESH the burn master!
PoorDroids  +   2367d ago
loved it, but my only gripe with the game was the.... gameplay. the combat should be more a side part to the game instead of the main focus. they should have spent more time on dungeon puzzles, like a zelda game. I realize that takes more time and EFFORT to develop, but so what. do it anyway.
Sitdown  +   2367d ago
Kameo 2 would be really really nice.......Rare bringing a lot of platformers to Microsoft would be lovely.
Bluejet  +   2367d ago
I liked kameo a lot and would love to see a sequel!
BrianC6234  +   2366d ago
Why would anyone make a sequel of a game that didn't sell well? That makes no business sense.
Covenant  +   2366d ago
Almost a million copies sold:

Covenant  +   2366d ago
PLEASE!!!! More Kameo goodness, ASAP.

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