GI.Biz Interview: Ken Levine - Part Two - 2K Boston boss on the evolution of online, the BioShock 2 decision, and age ratings writes: "In part one of the interview with 2K Boston chief, Ken Levine, he talked about development costs, immersion in games, chaging audiences, and the team's goals for the next project.

Here in part two he addresses his decision not to work on BioShock 2, offers his thoughts on the evolution of online and connected consoles, and gives his views on the age ratings debate.

Q: There was an expectation that you'd automatically transition onto BioShock 2, given the work that you put into the first title - how hard a decision was it to go in a different direction?

Ken Levine: It was a fairly complicated process, and it was about us looking at how ambitious our goals were next time around. For us, and I think the company wanted us to do something extremely ambitious, it was a bittersweet thing.

When you open one door another closes, so it was a complicated and strange decision, but I think we're very comfortable about where we are right now."

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