PlayTM: Go!View - Part 1 of Tom's experiences with Sky's PSP TV service

PlayTM writes: "When I originally purchased the PSP handheld, I mainly wanted it for its gaming capabilities, while I traveled around the country with work. The fact that it had Wi-Fi and the ability to surf the net was an added bonus. Surfing the net however was never really viable as most hotels still charge silly money for 24-hours of internet access. I never really took a shine to UMD movies either, due to the cost for a lesser quality film that was viewed on a tiny screen, sure it could have been a great idea had the price been right but this feature again was wide of the mark.

Imagine my surprise, when, during a previous games industry expo it was announced that Go!View; a new collaboration between Sky and Sony, was bringing a subscription-based service of television content to the PlayStation Portable. I was very eager to sample this new service and was pleased to see that I could do so for free for a month. So far so good."

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