Giant Bomb Previews: Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

Giant Bomb writes:

Of the handful of games that indie publisher Gamecock unveiled upon its initial launch, Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars was of most immediate interest to me, largely because of the game's striking concept art. The look was gloomy-yet-playful, but without the self-serious Tim Burton pretense. I hadn't heard much about the game following its initial announcement, but upon recently learning that Les Claypool of Primus would be providing some of the music in the game, my interest was renewed. The Gamecock guys rolled through the Giant Bomb offices yesterday, and in between beers, they gave me my first actual look at this Wii title.

There's a hint of 1950s sci-fi influence throughout Mushroom Men, starting with its story, which sees mushrooms and other lower life forms gaining sentience and some anthropomorphic qualities in the wake of a passing comet. While humans are oblivious to this development, the mushrooms start forming tribes, which leads to conflict between the different fungal factions. This is where you, as a mushroom man named Pax, come in.

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