Stop moaning about the RROD

Steve Wysowski from writes:

"Last month, my 360 decided that I wasn't worthy enough to be playing video games on it anymore (yeah- the bastard went all Charizard on my ass).

While those three glaring red rings initially made my head shrivel into my neck socket faster than you could say "GTA IV was overrated", I soon came to my senses. Microsoft has slowly been improving with their "oh-shit-my-bad" repair service. When my first 360 blew up, it took about two weeks to get a new one, and when the following system crashed, it took about a week and half to return. So, when I used a little something called "erithamatik", I predicted my fourth 360 would arrive in about a week.

And what do you know? After sending my 360 in on a Monday, I got it back the following Tuesday: only seven frickin' business days. Not too shabby, aye? Not only did I get my 360 back in record time, but Microsoft has finally figured out that any random cardboard box can hold a broken 360! That meant there was no extra time waiting for them to ship me a specialized "360-only" box. Life felt good, and a big change of pace occurred: I was finally starting to appreciate Microsoft's customer service."

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rm2493777d ago

that was an interesting article to read

Chubear3777d ago

That statement had me rolling on the floor. Men oh men, MS really knows their fanbase. That's why they can partake in the most absurd business modules and not even flinch cause their fanbase really have no issues with being screwed over again and again.

How on earth can having to have sent your product in FOUR times for repairs but feel it's all good cause now they take ONLY 1 week to get it back to you?

The 360 fanbase are just utter fools!

marinelife93777d ago

Great article. How are those things still dying?? I'm sure the guy knew how to keep and maintain his xbox since it was his third. I thought they were putting better heat sinks and fans on them.

Rofflecopter3777d ago

it has nothing to do with their customer service. i was mad when my 360 bricked because of the fact that such a faulty product was released and allowed to be sold with such huge problems.

kapedkrusader3777d ago

It's like finding a turd in your food and asking the waiter to replace your order for one that doesn't have sh!t in it. LEAVE THE FREAKING RESTAURANT!!!

Idonthatejustcreate3777d ago

I would have bought the 360 if the PS3 had the RROD problem.

Buying a broken or almost broken machine is plain stupidity and you should be sent back to the stone-age where your intelligence can be justified. If you did not know it had the RROD problem when you bought it you should get your money back so you can buy something that is working properly. If you don't get it back? Then it's called fraud and you have just been royaly F'ed by a multimiljondollar company, congratz...

Chandresh Patel3777d ago

"Its not that bad!".So it's okay for the Product to break down multiple times,so long as the Customer Service is good?

That's like me saying it's okay to kick me in the nuts,so long as I can still fap it's all good!

mfwahwah3777d ago

Go to work. Pay your bills. Send your 360 to MS. He's saying it like it's a regular errand now.

Yeah, I'll gladly stop bringing up RRoD if MS agrees to stop bringing it up first.

Masko3777d ago

i thought it was a warranty, not a guarantee lolol. home schooling really sucks

robep33777d ago

It's like finding a turd in your food and asking the waiter to replace your order AND THEY TAKE THE TURD OUT and hand you your plate back!


callahan093777d ago

Stop moaning about the RROD... I agree! Here's why: because Microsoft has listened to too many people complain about RROD that they've decided to completely ignore all of the other bullsh!t issues that the 360 has that cause it to fail, and so they only count the 3 year warranty towards RROD's. I had to buy a brand new 360 because the THIRD TIME that my system crapped out on me, they refused to repair it because it was past 1 year since I bought it and it didn't get the RROD. I would get a black & red checkerboard pattern on my screen every time I turned it on, but no RROD. They fixed it the first two times the exact same thing happened, but they refused the third time, stating after the first year they only fix 360's which suffer with an RROD.

My brother's 360 just did a similar thing, it's not the same checkerboard pattern, but it doesn't read discs at all anymore. He doesn't have the RROD and it's been over a year since he bought his system, so they refused to replace or fix it for him.

Microsoft are bunch of punks until they realize that their hardware is f*cked, period, not just with RROD problems, but with a slew of other problems as well. They need to fix EVERYONE'S broken 360's and stop pretending like the RROD is the only problem in existence that they feel like being responsible for.

I will never buy another 360, regardless of what happens with my current one, and quite frankly I'm a little perturbed with myself for having bought the more recent one I got anyway. I hardly ever use the damn thing and I hate looking at it because of all the headaches it's caused me.

rroded3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Clearly i should b happy to tow the ms line and support their faulty product 100% cause you say so...
not instead i bought a ps3 canceled live and stopped paying for ms games after my second rrod.

Guitarded3777d ago

I applaud Microsoft for how they handled the situation. In comparison to another console manufacturer, Microsoft are "like" saints from my point of view. 3 year warranty people. To those who whine about their 360 not getting RRoD, ever heard of the towel trick? Apparently not.

CrazedFiend3777d ago

with everybody! (^o^)b


Until 1.12 (-_-;)

Mr Scooch3777d ago

What I wanna know is that now the 360 has been our nearly 3 years, what happens to consoles that RROD after that 3 years are up???

I bought my 360 on launch day and am now on my third (Yeah, I also thought that the hardware issues were being sorted out, but they obviously aren't!!!). Are M$ gonna ask me to pay £80 (like they did when my original one broke) or does the 3 year warranty last from when you received the fixed console back???

incogneato3777d ago

How dare you be upset at the fact that your 5th Xbox 360 is also defective!

La Chance3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

my 360 back in 6 days.I dont know if its the same in every country but where I live UPS comes to fetch the xbox packed in any solid box on the day or if youre not ready they come the next day.

I had the freezing problem a couple of weeks ago , called MSFT and explained bla bla bla , took me 8 minutes total.Then had to call UPS and they came to fetch it the very next day.MSFT sent back my 360 6 days later.
I waited less than a week.No coffin , no nothing just a call , and a box to put the 360 inside.

I know its gonna sound fanboyish but msft have the best customer service that Ive ever had to deal with.From the phone to the delivery (well , that was UPS but still...) , and of course it was all free , I didnt pay a cent (lol , just imagine we actually had to pay something...)

But , we arent supposed to have to call customer service in the first place and looking at the importance of the problem...its the minimum they could do : good quality customer service.

jtucker783777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Hold on a minute...

I though the 360 had a 16% failure rate?

So a 16% chance that your console bricks.
So to have it happen twice is only going to be 2.6% of people.
And 0.4% have it happen 3 times. So VERY unlikely that it happens to you.

Surely there are going to be hardly any of us that this happens to.
At the time of writing this there are 134 comments on this story. In theory if every single person commenting on this article owns a 360 only 3-4 of you should have had your 360 brick twice.

Either some of you guys have never had 360s brick and are making it up or 16% is quite a conservative estimate.

Bloodwar3777d ago

Everyone is crying this or crying that about a faulty product and MS this and that. Cry me a river. My 360 RROD'd on me last week a second time. SO WHAT? THey had my coffin to me in two days.. No joke. Even if I have to wait a month to get the 360 back, so what. At least they fixed it. 3 year warranties are nice. Its late enough in the game now that I am sure MS will probably have the more heat resistant hardware in the 360 when it comes back to me. I am planning on buying an Elite soon anyways. My pro will be going to one of my nephews. I'm glad it broke on me before I sent it to him.
It would be nice to see an end to the flame wars, but it will never happen. PS3 games suck and Xbox 360 games don't. I guess that is the tradeoff. We get the crappy console, the PS3 fans get the crappy games. hehe

SuperM3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Well from what ive heard 33% of all xbox 360s get RROD. And when you get RROD one time you often get sendt a machine that has had RROD and then been fixed. These machines usually have alot higher chance of getting RROD again. So basically if you have RROD once then its not unlikely that you end up having several RRODs

Oh and please dont think for a second that MS is doing you a favour with their 3 year waranty. They are doing themselves a favour. Thing is Microsoft fu'ed up bigtime with their console hardware. If MS didnt give people the 3 year waranty then 360 would be dead by now, or atleast dead last in the console race. Noone would buy the console knowing it was a 33% chance of overheating if they didnt get a new one if it broke

@ Bloodwar

Please dont come with that PS3 games suck, xbox games roXxorZz sillyness. If you cant admit that both consoles have good games then you should go play with your action figures. Fits your age perfectly i would assume.

INehalemEXI3777d ago

"Stop moaning about the RRod." That just sounds so.... g4y.

Palodios3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

The article definitely points to the postives of MS's customer service, but its more than just about the short term send out. I'm sure plenty of people here have had consoles brick on them (my original xbox and ps2 both died out on me) and both of which did not have a 3 year warranty. In the end, I found it cheaper to just pick up a new ps2 and fix the xbox myself.

Sure, short term, MS's RROD repair service has a real good turnaround, but gamers want to still have their consoles 3 years after they buy them.

All we're asking is for MS to make hardware that works, oh you know, the first time.

Guitarded3777d ago

An Xbox 360 is not food, transportation, a source of vital news, it is nothing more than an entertainment device. Russian roulette? Give me a break. We who so choose, put up with the hardware problems to play the most games(fact), and the best games(majority opinion including my own). Same with the PS2 last generation without a 3 year extended warranty, so what is your problem? Sony fanboys living in past Playstation glory, yet not acknowledging what happened in the past.

tatical3777d ago

I was going to sell my repaired 360 on eBay, but I didn't have the heart. I use it as a DVD/music/DivX player in the living room. I don't buy games for it anymore, let alone play them. I only game on my PS3 now.

BattleAxe3777d ago

A poor quality product is still a poor quality product, and I will not spend money on something that I know is going to break.

If MS comes out with a wicked peice of hardware next time around, I might consider it, but until then forget it. I'm sticking with my 2 PS3s.

bpac1234567893777d ago

No people shouldn't stop "moaning" as long as people "moan," Microsoft will be forced to improve there system and there service. This problem is wide spread 6 of my friends have had to send in there 360's for repairs.
the first time i learned of it i was at my friends house. i was excited to play the 360 because at the time it was the first next gen console out. but my hopes where dashed when i learned that his 360 had just broken an hour ago and needed to be sent in for repairs.

BWS19823777d ago

I was on the fence about which console to buy first, but went with PS3 only because of the hardware issues (and bluray and interchangable HD's, sorry but it's nice), 1 in 6 shot of busting, that's frightening. Doesn't matter that they'll fix it, the fact is I shouldn't have to go through that hassle in the first place, and that's assuming I can get it fixed because it was an RROD issue and not something else. I am NOT going to wrap a towel around the 360 just to make it an RROD issue either, that's stupid and against warranty. Who's to say MS can't realize that when they receive it? But what's really bad is that the 3 year warranty is just that, 3 years, what about several years from now, what about the disc scratching or other issues that can likely come up? I love the games on both systems, and will eventually buy an Elite 360, but not until piece of mind is there for me to know that the smaller mobo's and GPU's or whatever else they modify comes into play. Jasper or Valhalla or whatever...will give me better chances. I don't want a Gears 2 or Fable 2 disc scratched up and out $60 because the 3 year warranty won't cover it. I don't want 4 years from now to get a RROD and be screwed, perhaps 720 won't have BC and I want to play a classic...I'm no fanboy but I see no excuse for the ineptitude of manufacturing at hand. I don't think my issue is about HOW they handle the problem, it's that there IS a problem, and the caliber OF that problem. I love xbox 1, and feel there's an astounding lineup for 360, but I will have to hold off or try to get any of it for the PC for now.

yesah3777d ago

'just because a 360 breaks 1/3 of the time, dosnt mean you should complain MS lets you ship it in ANY box now, and sent mine back within a week.'

whopty doodle do, it still breaks 1/3 of the time

katana5233777d ago

you both are wrong its more like this...

It's like finding a turd in your food and asking the waiter to replace your order and they go into the back and then bring out the same plate with the TURD still in there but of course they reassure you that "its not there" or "its a fixable problem" or "if you find that turd in 3 years we will replace your plate"

you guys forgot that the turd is always there lol.

The Lazy One3776d ago

Anyone who complains about 360 RROD after having it less than 5 times has never had to deal with more than 2 other customer service departments.

Also, because someone asked, you get a new warranty (it's not the same 3 year warranty) every time you send in your 360. It should be in the paperwork you get.

BWS19823776d ago

but again, the "whoopty doo it breaks, send it back and get it back all better" argument doesn't work for me. You're trying to say "if it happens, no biggie, it's better after you do this" I shouldn't have to do "this", it shouldn't happen. Period. It's a great lineup of games and a cool online service, but for the reliability I want, I'm holding off a bit more. But yeah, I drool over some of those exclusives (I'll get one ASAP if a sick Perfect Dark sequel comes out though)

Pnuts3776d ago

since everyone else compares MS to Sony i may aswell, in the UK if your ps3 is broken, through ur own fault or its faulty, they bring u a brand new ps3, free delivery in a couple of days. whats so amazing about 7 days, my ps3 broke because of my stupidity. I kept switching it off at the back duhhh, and the hard disk was corrupted, I got a brand new 60GB ps3.

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boogeyman9993777d ago

I like the Xbox 360, and my purchase was justified. For everything it is, the RROD isn't that bad. A week or so without a 360 and its back. The end; life goes on.

Chubear3777d ago

WOW! *shakes head and walks away*

AuburnTiger3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

"the RROD isn't that bad. A week or so without a 360 and its back."

lol, are you kidding me?? So instead of moaning about this issue you're just going to accept this, like it's apart of the 360 life cycle?

Are you saying that something like this should be accepted?

But then again it must be cheaper for Microsoft to fix this problem this way instead of fixing it on the assembly line.

AAACE53777d ago

Agree and a bubble! The R-rod problem sux, but these are still just game systems.... in short they will break! It doesn't really bother me, because I got used to this trend from having to buy alot of Ps2's because they kept going out on me! So if you can send it in to get fixed, or get it replaced... what's the point!

The way you could look at it to be funny is... Your 360 goes out as a way of telling you to get a life for a while and go do something. And the Ps3 is so reliable because it knows it's owners will never have a life. And the Wii is for people who don't like to think too much, cause it knows for it's owners, getting out of bed is a hard task!

Sorry, that was my sad attempt at humor... no hatred please! But you gotta admit it was just a little funny!!!lol

Kratos Spartan3777d ago

But a week with no gaming? For me? I would go crazy. Yea a week would come and go in no time, but nobody should drop 3 or $400 on a console, and then be expected to go a week or more, several times on occasion, without. I don't see how Microsoft got around lawsuits and recalls. Anything else with high failure rates would have been a long time ago--Recalled. And they knew about it from day one--Lawsuits.

How does someone knowingly release and sell a faulty product while avoiding litigation? That is the $64,000 dollar question.

mfwahwah3777d ago

I play games every day, so a week+ would bother me.

Also, for those saying games systems break, I'll gladly hook up my Genesis, N64, SNES, NES, PS1, Dreamcast, etc. They ALL work. Did I treat them well over the years? Hardly, I was a kid and didn't know any better.

With a 360 it's the consumer equivalent of Russian Roulette.

jaysquared3777d ago

If you can't a week without games then you sir need to get a life! Seriously games are fun don't get wrong but there are many other things you can be doing as well..

7h3ultim8p003777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Dude, they are ps3 fanboys. They have NOTHING ELSE besides gaming. That's why they are so diehard crazy and willing to cross any line to defend their stuff. When we say "1 month without a console is no big deal," they just can't understand it.

r2kcipher3777d ago

dude they're 360 fanbois they buy sh!t that breaks. and then they spend hours a day defending it on n4g. i went on a sony hating rampage when my ps2 broke. then i learned how to fix it and i was good. you guys must have got your 360's for free. cause i know if i bought something that breaks constantly i would be hella pissed. anyone with half a brain would mad.

Guitarded3777d ago

Because someone with a full brain would realise that the problems with the 360 have less of an effect on the consumer with the 3 year warranty in place. When my 360 RRoDed, my first thought was this sucks but, at least I don't have to buy a new one like I did with 2 PS2's that DREed on me, so who cares? It is inconvienent, it should not have happened, but it effects me very little so again who cares? Scared Sony fanboys, that's who.

JasonXE3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

As long as the problem gets fixed which i guess it did then with the returned 360s then im ok. Doesn't excuse rrod scenario just like ps2 dre but if it gets fix then it just becomes history.

r2kcipher3777d ago

sorry for the slang. we probably come from different parts of this world. what i mean is that u don't have to be a genius. to realize that something like this shouldn't be happening. and that 3 year warranty is great but time is almost up for the first adopters. wouldn't it be better if every time they send u a new console. they gave u a new warranty. that would be better for the consumer. not for ms of course they would be supplying 360's to people for an eternity.

katana5233777d ago

didnt you guys buy any map packs off of the marketplace or anything? cuz for my friend he had to buy the cod4 maps and halo maps all over again...hopefully it doesnt get rrod a third time but it doesnt matter cuz the warrenty covers the 360 but i guess not the purchases...

r2kcipher3776d ago

i have heard of that happening to people. but i dont think it happens to everyone. and if u call them i am pretty sure they can track the downloads to ur acount. a little inconvenient. but hey there are some downsides to the rrod.

SaiyanFury3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I agree that the service MS is giving to their customers IS good. While I've never personally experienced a RRoD on my 360, I can see how it would still be annoying to customers. Although I found the author's point about his PS2 dying outside of Sony's trademark warranty kind of circular. Say he bought his PS2 and got at least 2 years worth of use out of it. Then he seems to complain that Sony didn't have some seriously long warranty on the PS2. Well, from my own perspective, the PS2 doesn't NEED a 3 year warranty seeing as the hardware design is pretty proven and reliable. I've had my PS2 for 6 years with several thousand hours on it and it works as good as the day I bought it. Now back on point, it is nice that the 360 has a 3 year RRoD warranty, but my point is that it SHOULDN'T have to be necessary. The 360 should have been designed better from day one. I do compliment them on addressing the problem, even if it had to become so glaring they could no longer afford to ignore it.

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giantchicken3777d ago

RRODs and 360s don't mix well. PS3 = no problemos.

Viktor E3777d ago

It amazes me how many Sheep are willing to be herded directly into the Pen of Failure that is the Xbox platform

Ice2ms3777d ago

Im on my 3rd ps3 =[ 1st xbox (but my xbox doesnt get half the play time as my ps3).

My 1st PS3's Blu ray drive was knackered and it broke, the refurbishment console didnt work and Im still on the 3rd.

Pain3777d ago


funny cuz its true!

syanara3777d ago

WHY SHOULD WE STOP MOANING? its MICROSOFTS OWN DAMN FAULT that there is A RROD so now they are gonna have to suffer the consequences of releaseing a system ahead of schedule. STOP MOANING at PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE RROD because its their god given right to be pissed at a company for their product screwing them in the long run

Mr Marbles3777d ago

do you even have a 360? Seriously dude STFU, people really should stop whining already, we know MS effed up, we know it sucks, but you get another console free of charge, thats all I care about, so shut up about it already. You guys are starting to sound like a bunch of hippies whining about sh*t nonstop. Worry about the 20 different ways Sony is screwing over you PS3 owners why dont you, 360 owners are ok we got this under control.

Microsoft_Spokesman3777d ago

Becuase we're never going to fix it.

syanara3777d ago

IVE had 3 360's all of which Died so don''t go assuming im a playstation only fanboy because ive got all 3 consoles well not since my last RROD and nevertheless it is the consumers right to be pissed at microsoft it may be known now but if microsoft isnt gonna fix it then people better keep complaining

Solid_Snake6663777d ago

your right if your paying almost 400 dollars for a console you expect it to work a customer you have the right to be mad because this didnt only happen once it happened 3 times

SlappyMcTaint3777d ago

Anybody that puts up with 4 fvcking systems is a spineless douchebag! M$ has these mindless sheep by the wallets and nuts since they just keep coming back for more and more RROD. Idiots!!

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MechaZain3777d ago

I agree that it's not that bad, and they have gotten pretty good about the turnaround times. That doesn't mean I can't complain though. I'm the consumer, I bought it, and it shouldn't break.

Mastersnake103777d ago

Yeah, you can complain. But still, you get it back for free. There's no fee, so they do care I guess. Still, if I had to choose no RROD or RROD; the choice is obvious.

TOSgamer3777d ago

After people have to start paying $100 and shipping again will it still be all good? I mean this guy has had to send it in 4 frickin' times. Do you guys really think that is acceptable for something that is around 2.5 years old?

meepmoopmeep3777d ago

the complaining and failure rate lead to a free 3 yr warranty.
what's bad about that?

Chubear3777d ago

HOLY WOW! You people are SHEEEEEEP! How can bad hardware be considered goood in any way just cause you get a replacement in a week, 3yrs after launch, in stead of 2 weeks?

This is mindblowing how MS seems to easily manipulate it's fanbase into accepting rather low standards and presenting them as either the gold standard or not bad at all.

Good heavens! MS are masters at this. I just can't explain how they do it but hey, it's a skill they have and they do it very well.

snakeater33777d ago

makes you wonder how much of those 20mil 360's are replacements

Oner3777d ago

"makes you wonder how much of those 20mil 360's are replacements"

Think about this one...what about the ones that just broke and never got fixed/replaced/repurchased? How does that impact the installed user base? How can they include those that are TOTALLY broken in their numbers (again only for usable installed base not overall sales but you know they do both). I bet if there was a way to possibly get a truly accurate count, the numbers would potentially show the "next gen race PS3 vs 360" closer than most think and additionally widen the gap in place for the Wii in comparison.

Wackpanther3777d ago

How soon we forget. The PS2's dreaded "Disc Read Error". Sony knew the failure rate was high but since most people didn't complain about it why do anything. We learned from that and now we complain about anything and everything. That's good because it made Microsoft own up to the situation. As far as I'm concerned a new replacement for free beats buying a new one any day.

PimpDaddy3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

3.5 and 3.6

Microsoft is not allowed to show replacement or repaired consoles as sales. The only sales numbers they are allowed to report are new console sales. Can we stop with the conspiracy theories?

A sale is a sale. Regardless of whether the consumers uses the product or throws it in the trash.

I bought 3 PS2's because my first 2 broke before the slim line finally came out. Should I say that Sony can't count my purchases by your logic?

Guitarded3777d ago

that as long as you bring the games people want to play, they will put up with sub-par hardware. It worked for Sony and is now working for Microsoft. I can't understand why this is so hard to comprehend.

JBaby3433777d ago

Saying the PS2 had problems doesn't justify the 360 breaking. I don't even think the two can be compared. I'll give a true personal testimonial to illustrate. I have known no less than 10 people with PS2s and none ever had a problem with them (my launch one STILL works). Now I know 6 people with 360s and 3 of them (1 friend as of 2 weeks ago) have had them break and 2 of those people multiple times.

So from my own personal experience 360 failure rate is at 50% (greater than that if you count the multiples) while PS2 is at 0%. That's not to say PS2s didn't have any problems but I don't think the two are even in comparison.

katana5233777d ago

i guess there really isnt a problem with the broken problem seeing that the xbox life span is about 4 years so who cares much anyway its not like the system was meant to last cuz the 720 will be released to compete with the ps3, oh wait wasnt the 360 suppposed to do that?