GTA IV PC to include Achievements?

Following on from yesterday's announcement that Grand Theft Auto IV will be hitting PC this November, Rockstar has released the packshot showing it'll be a part of the Games For Windows programme, with a LIVE logo placed in the upper right corner.

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Truplaya3782d ago

yes probably, hence the 'games for windows' bit on the box reported yesterday. maybe more of the 50mil at work? Who knows? Who cares?

stoo313782d ago

I think this is more to do with the fact that the Live logo is on the box. There are a lot of games released under Games for Windows but every Games for Windows Live title has included achievements, hasn't it?

Truplaya3782d ago

no idea, i haven't bought a PC game for my PC for over a year. My mates buys quite a few PC games but i cant think if all games for windows games have acheivements.
Well, its more likely to be acheivements than cross platform play that was reported on another story.

stoo313782d ago

Yeah games released so far under Games For Windows Live:

Gears Of War - Included achievements
Halo 2 - Included achievements
Juiced 2 - Included achievements
Kane & Lynch - Included achievements
Flatout: Ultimate Carnage - Included achievements
Universe At War - Included achievements
Viva Pinata - Included achievements
The Club - Included achievements
Shadowrun - Included achievements
Lost Planet: Colonies - Included achievements

It's got to be true.

solidjun53782d ago

..for the PC only people. However, while they are developing for the PC, would it kill Rockstar to patch the PS3 version and include the trophies. ^_^

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aaquib53782d ago

Its not like anyone's going to buy the game anyways. Piracy Lives On.

t1mb3r7and3782d ago

The more than 2 million people who bought San Andreas PC tend to disagree.

kittoo3782d ago

Crysis has sold about 2 Million, The Witcher has sold 2 million, Sins of a solar Empire has sold more than one million, STALKER sold about 2 million, Command & conquer 3: Tiberium wars sold about a million, Company of heroes has sold 2 million, World in conflict is 1 million, Supreme commander was over 1 million..and these were PC exclusives. Speaking of Multi plats, Bioshock sold well, CoD4 was well over 1 million, Orange box sold more than both consoles combined, Lost planet sold really well (over 1 million thanks to steam) and even last GTA:SA has sold more than 2 million on PC.
PC games sell over time, as people get hardware and all. And if you put games in digital distribution (like CAPCOM did with Lost PLanet), you are going to sell it.

Charlie26883782d ago

Again with the speculation that if its GFW its gonna include ALL the features VERY few of the GFW games get? seriously? just cuz of the logo and nothing else? achievement maybe but crossplat multiplayer is speculating WAYYYY too much