First Day sales 8/7, Tales of Vesperia 70k; Fire Emblem 80k

First Day sales in Japan 8/7

Fire Emblem: New Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light NDS = 80k
Tales of Vesperia 360 = 70k

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sak5003779d ago

70k? Thats higher than MGS4 sales.

Tommie3779d ago

MGS4 did 300k first day if I'm correct

White-Sharingan3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You must be joking

more than 300k in one day (and those numbers do not include the PS3's bundle)

and who are the stupid people that agree to such false statements

shine13963778d ago

@sak500: wow at the people agreeing with you...

Tommie3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Biggest first day sales for any Xbox 360 game thus far. Very good news for Microsoft. I also heard there have been about 10k ToV 360 bundles sold + additional hardware sales could put 360 past PS3 this week in Japan. Also, the game has a good chance of reaching 100k first week and it may even outsell Blue Dragon's LTD sales of 210k!

Sez 3779d ago

thats good news for MS in japan. i hope with the release of more RPG's on the 360 will help MS over there. either way i'm still picking this game up on day one. with ToV,IU,SO4,ect and more to come. i glad i have a 360.

PistolPumptMonk3779d ago

Man I would kill for Fire Emblem ds....

PS360WII3778d ago

We can only hope it'll get outside of Japan

socomnick3779d ago

Great , glad to see that the jrpgs are selling on the Xbox in Japan.

I just hope they sell equally good here in the states maybe this way the Xbox 360 will continue to get good quality stream of Jrpgs.

clintos593779d ago

As much as this game looks real good, I find it hard to believe it will sell well here in the US, since seeing that Lost Odyssey didnt do so well and that was supposingly one of the most anticipated jrpg's for the 360. Its sad to see 360 owners let great games like this pass by and see them buy games like army of two. I really hope this game sells well and more 360 owners open there eyes and buy these games, because if they aint then they truelly are missing out on good quality games.

v1c1ous3778d ago

for a new i.p, in a genre not particularly popular in US outside FF games, Lost odyssey did VERY well. it sold 700k+, and did decently in europe.

because it didn't reach number #1 doesn't count it as selling bad.

b/c by that concept, Uncharted is in the same light then.

White-Sharingan3778d ago

how so? considering uncharted sold twice as much with almost half of the install base

or do you mean the game reaching #1 spot in sales?

socomnick3778d ago

yea I really enjoyed LO. I think LO and all the other xbox 360 rpgs will do better soon after ps3 owners migrate and own a xbox because of its rpgs. I know alot of ps3 owners are hurting for rpgs and dont want to wait any longer.

PirateThom3778d ago

I'll wait for the PS3 port of this one.

Guitarded3778d ago

Only because you have to wait to play it on PS3. Continue to wait, what else can you do?

PirateThom3778d ago

Well, I have no choice but to wait, it doesn't come out in Europe until 2009.

I do have a 360, but I can't play it on there anyway.

At least if it was on PS3, I could just import it.

kinggeoff3778d ago

quickly! for the good of the nation!!!!!!

*rolls eyes*

La Chance3778d ago

in 2007 (october or november?) and LO came out in EU nad USA in March 2008 (end february).

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