WWE star wants "more violence" in games

WWE man-mountain Randy Orton last night became an unlikely defender of the industry's creative freedoms, urging developers to fight back against critics with a rallying cry for "more violence" in videogames.

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MK_Red3756d ago

Awesome. I'm no WWE fan but I definitly support that.

WorseCase3756d ago

speaking from my favorite wrestler

EnglishPatriot3756d ago

That's the best thing I've ever heard Randy Orton say.....ever.

But still I think he's a prick.

outlawlife3756d ago

by all accounts randy orton is a class A a-hole, but i'm gonna have to agree with him here

Megatron083755d ago

after he lost the belt and got suspended for 6 monts or what ever it was. He got counseling to help with that but whatever.

Who would of thought that someone that beats the crap out of people for a living want more violence in game.

I remeber when they had to cut the blood out raw 2 it looked really good to dripping down their faces and and living pools of blood on the matt. Guess it ok to do that in real life but in games.

big shadow3756d ago

more violence wouldn't hurt.

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