Edge Review: Siren: Blood Curse Episodes 1-3

Innovation rarely goes smoothly. Initially, Sony had ambitious plans for the remake of its PS2 survival horror game, Siren. The game was to be the focus of the company's first substantial test of downloadable episodic content as a viable delivery model. A fresh installment was to be offered every week, in the hope of cultivating a TV-style cliffhanger audience as the sinister plot thickened. But there was an issue. The game's core engine takes up the majority of the first episode's gigabyte bulk, leaving space for barely 15 minutes of actual play. Wisely deciding this wasn't sufficient bait to hook the desired audience, Sony grouped the 12 episodes into handy batches of three, though structural leftovers remain in the form of breathless Lost-style montages recapping character predicaments at the beginning and end of each segment.

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thereapersson3779d ago

I will be purchasing these episodes, because ever since I lost interest in Silent Hill after part 4, i've been looking for a really good Japanese horror game to tide me over until RE 4 comes out.

crippler6663779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Should be noted it is a Japanese style game, that is one of the many things that appealed to me. You don't need 15 or 20 undead to make something scary, you only need one if done right.

The story line is a little cheesy and the voice over is a little poor, but this is a survival horror game not quite shakespear.

I have 2 friends who own this game already and they are not even into survival horror games.

Oh one more thing? You are probably better getting the whole game? If you liked the Siren games on PS2 you will love this, if you like survival horror games then get it. I was hooked within the first 2 chapters.

Baba19063779d ago

this games rules. its so fun and scary. love it.

stuntman_mike3779d ago

i downloaded the whole lot, ive already got the two previous games and loved them (scary as hell) and so far this game has been excellent (and also scary as hell lol) highly recommend to anyone not just survival horror gamers.

hopefully they will release some more episodic content on consoles this turned out a pretty good move by sony.

PimpHandStrong3779d ago

im playing this game at a slow pace. Im at episode 3 and man its good at making you feel creepy. When the little girls calls for help in the hospital is truley a very scary part!

cant wait to see what happens next

so far i give this game a 8.5/10

it really does put you into the momment like no other game i have played on the PS3