Bionic Commando delayed on PSN

Capcom has revealed that Bionic Commando: Rearmed will not be available to download in Europe on PSN next week as originally announced, slapping a big 'TBC' on its European release date.

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thor3778d ago

Hmm.. maybe if we ask them what exactly the problem was, we will find out the reason behind _all_ EU PSN store delays. Because there is some reason that applies to PSN and not XBL.

MazzingerZ3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Localization. Pricing.

I think the game is out as soon as it's ready, the standard version is always in american's not like SONY (or the publisher) starts working on the localized version weeks before release holding the game from its release in the US...impossible, SCEA and SCEE are completely different monsters so SCEA puts out the game as soon as it's ready (SONY receives it from the publisher)...I'm sure it will be out in the PAL store within max 2 weeks.

At work we ship out product in english first and after is shipped we translate it to around 15 languages and ship that months after the standard release was launched...that's the way it works, don't understand why people still complains.

...I wonder how many of those that complains all the time actually buys anything...right now I still haven't finished Dark Mist (not yet out in the US), Elefunk, Echocrome, SIREN: Blood Curse...i'm hooked right now with PixelJunkEden...and I know R&C:Quest for Booty is being released this month in US and PAL PS store!!!

I'm European (Scandinavian) and I'm happy with the content I get

thor3778d ago

So, maybe it is just that PSN is slow at getting content in general, so they'd rather not make the US wait? But many games already have the localisation done when they are released in the US (in terms of different languages), so it is something else I think.

On a side note, I am also mostly happy with the content we get here in UK. We have pretty much the same content as the US, OK so it's often later but it's still a great selection of titles. The only reason people complain is because they see what the US gets and compare it to what EU gets week on week. Those who don't look on the internet to see what the US gets, would be happy with the store contents I think.

orakga3778d ago

Remember that word.

In a digitally-distributed market, that term is going to crop up more and more. It basically refers to the process by which the distributor (PSN in this case) QAs the materials they submitted to make sure it won't case any technical issues once released.

It's basically an extra step that doesn't exist in the retail world, and something that's rather unpredictable in terms of how long it'll take. It's a bottleneck as well.

Chances are, the EU PSN store is backlogged or something and can't finish this by the Thursday update. So they wrote back to Capcom saying, "sorry guys, this isn't gonna be taken care of in the normal X day timeframe. but we'll try our best to launch it the following week, mmmkay?"

Just my guess.

The Wood3778d ago

but what about games like puzzle fighter or echocrome that took over 2 months. wtf happened then. Surely language support cant delay it that much

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thereapersson3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

It should have been edited to say "Bionic Commando Delayed on PSN in Europe. Either way, SCEE sucks a big one.

thor3778d ago

Yeah but there's obviously STILL some beurocracy that's getting in the way. I wonder what it could be...

Fishy Fingers3778d ago

Well that's pants, I wanted to buy the PSN version only becuase I want remote play. Now I'm stuck. Should I wait or buy it twice, once from Live and once from PSN. SCEE is a pain in the ass somethimes.

Sez 3778d ago

is anyonre really surprised about games for the DS3 gets delayed. what do you think the D stands for.

Fishy Fingers3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You guys are so predictable.

Vito_corleone3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )


CyberSentinel3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Maybe if the game was in 4D instead of 2D the DS3 would be able to handel it. Everybody knows the DelayStation3 can not do 2D or 3D well.

The Wood3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Why the SCEE delays for most titles. Even if its some complicated BS just tell me/us. The not knowing is more annoying than the disparity in release times.

And fix the European Store...Its broken. The US store is more user friendly.

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