GamersDailyNews: Nintendo's Next Platform - Sooner Than you Think?

Nintendo had an admittedly poor showing at E3 this year. Wii Music did not go over well, the WiiMotion Plus was met with head scratching and questions like 'why wasn't this done right in the first place,' and many people thought they simply made fools of themselves.

Now this week it's been reported that Nintendo is hard at work on the next iteration of its console series, but does anyone know what it is?

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kevnb3754d ago

whats with nintendo and girls in panties?

ShiftyLookingCow3754d ago

Panties Touch! DS confirmed. Rated P for Perverts.

SuperGuido3754d ago

I don't know but I don't complain as long as the panties are no larger than an NES :)

Tragedy3754d ago

Why to make another gaming system if you have amazingly successful Wii and NDS?

jtucker783754d ago

Because the Wii has a very specific audience. I'm guessing that Nintendo is going to keep the Wii going ... as it is very lucrative, but also add a more powerful console to the line up for the hardcore audience. Something that is powerful enough to allow ports of PS3 and 360 multiplatform titles.

Imagine having Mario, Zelda AND GTA4, COD4, Bioshock, etc. etc.
Because the Wii is so different in hardware capabilities to the other two consoles, 3rd parties would have to radically change the game to bring it to Wii, so they end up not bothering. A new console may change that, and they may get some of their hardcore audience back.

N4g_null3753d ago

Why so they can rule each market with specialized hardware of course? The Wii will live on as the next console puts the smack down on the hardcore stage. I mean really it's old school retro first and then new school next. The same thing happened with the GB, GBA then the DS came.
Now if nintendo can apply what they are doing to hardcore gaming then it's over. The Wii is a great learning experience. Seriously I didn't think they would get this far to getting it right.

SuperGuido3754d ago

Because the DS is getting old and we know there's a new one coming very very soon. Might even drop in Japan for the holiday season.

There's nothing wrong with the Wii whatsoever. It's great fun and is what gaming is about, getting together and having fun. But as with all things progress is necessary and they can't live off of the Wii forever. So a portion of the profit from the Wii is most definitely going into R&D for the next generation.

Balance3754d ago

first of all i clicked on this article because of the picture.
but R&D is a non stop cycle, both MS and sony started work on new consoles as soon as the 360 and ps3 launched. but nintendo has a different problem than MS or sony,,, the wii is a gimick and nintendo is now out of ideas for any more gimicks and we have already seen the best of what the wii can do.

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The story is too old to be commented.