Silent Hill: Homecoming to feature over an hour of cut-scenes

The studio Pendulum have developed an advanced facial animation engine named Alter Ego which is being used in Silent Hill: Homecoming. While describing their technology, they have stated that Silent Hill: Homecoming has apparently had 70 minutes of cinematics created using this new technology.

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Arsenic133486d ago

Sweet. The facial animations did look very good in recent videos.

VsAssassin3486d ago

And this game will be mine. It's a shame that this game doesn't have enough spotlight going on about it. I just hope that the game itself spans to over 15 hours at the normal difficulty at the least.

socomnick3486d ago

Alright thats not bad. Its better than the 7 hours in that other game :/

VsAssassin3486d ago

I wish the dialogue tree will trigger different cut scenes during the course of the game, trigger sub-missions and make appear rare or new monsters in the process.

wiggles3486d ago

Wow, that would be amazing!!

We can only dream right....