Dark Knight game exists

MCV: An officially licensed Dark Knight game does exist – according to both an insider at EA studio Pandemic and Batman movie actor Gary Oldman.

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Rick Astley3781d ago

Umm why do these stories get so many hits? It's a Batman game.. based on a movie. The movie was awesome but if you think the game is going to be any good you need to get real and realize that this will be just another sh*tty movie-based video game.

sinncross3781d ago

plz make this better then anything else ur making EA!!!

LSDARBY3781d ago

Its gonna suck, i just want the movie on Blu-ray

Citizen Cook3781d ago

Batman Begins sucked, i know. But imagne gliding over the rooftops of Gotham and just just dropping in GTA style on any one of a number of outrageous crimes in progress...

bumnut3781d ago

sadly that is the case for most games based on movies, but 99% of them are terrible

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The story is too old to be commented.