Otherland has Hundreds of Fake Paid Reviews on Steam

Otherland has hundreds of fake paid reviews on Steam. They're so obviously fake too.

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lelo2play813d ago (Edited 813d ago )

"Paid Reviews on Steam"
NO! Who would have thought? /s
Does Amazon also have fake reviews? I can't believe it. /s

Well... I normally don't read positive reviews. I mostly read negative reviews of games, movies, books, etc, I want to purchase. Those are the ones that normally have valid info and I 'll try to understand what they didn't like about the product in question... then make a decision to purchase it or not.

Dam... now they are going to post fake negative reviews :s

Darkwatchman813d ago

Yes because there are never blatant trolls and fanboys that give perfectly functioning games a 1/10, right? On either end, positive or negative, there are always going to be untrustworthy reviews.

UserNameIsNotTaken813d ago

I myself read the mixed ones. Like half the score or slightly better or worse that.

Volkama813d ago

That would be a dispose of your available joy time. Rather if you have time to smoulder you will post N4G comments approvingly.

DittoHefner813d ago

Who cares? Decide for yourself.

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