Gears Of War 2 Lancer Bundle - Not For Australians have revealed a Gears of War 2 bundle with full-size (non-working) Lancer replica. GamerChip looks at sourcing one of these (purely for professional reviewing purposes of course, not running about the neighbourhood screaming and waving it about enthusiastically), but as with the Fallout 3 Limited Pip Edition, will not be shipping to Australia.

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Viktor E3752d ago

This is no surprise,as the Redmond company has yet to exhibit success across American waters

pwnsause3752d ago

nice lancer, good to clean out Jason 360's a** with.

crimsonfox3751d ago

imma get this bad boy US style!!!

FreeMonk3751d ago

It's not on, and you can't ship from to the European countries.

Shame, I would of loved that!!

pow3r of t3h c3ll3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

awwww, poor xbots

all the 14 year olds who bought the first game would have had a new toy to playwith.

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The story is too old to be commented.