Gamedaily: American McGee's Grimm: Episode One Review

Gamedaily writes: "From the legendary American McGee, creator of such deliciously sinister games as Alice, comes another PC exclusive called Grimm. It has a cool premise, as you're able to trounce about classic candy-coated fairly tales and muck them up. After playing through the first episode through the GameTap service, we're left to wonder if McGee lost his edge.

Grimm's first episode is insanely short. Our run through clocked in at about 40 minutes, and we were taking our time. Some folks already have speed run records in the early teens. Why so short? Because, frankly, Grimm offers very little to do. Excluding a highly entertaining cinematic opening and conclusion, the game boils down to six quick scenes. Each one has you running, jumping and butt stomping across brightly lit, charming landscapes. The more you touch, the smellier, fouler and nastier the environments become. As your meter increases, the things you encounter become more disgusting."

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