American Olympic training facility a home away from home

Gamertell noticed that the photo of US Olympic athletes relaxing in their private Beijing training facility featured them playing videogames.

From the article:

"While the other nation's teams are preparing in their own ways, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has created a private training facility for the American representatives to not only help them prepare in a familiar way but also to give them a little taste of home. Yes, that means videogames, too...

From one of the pictures of American athletes in the facility, it looks like a university-style rec room. Low, soft lighting is used to set a relaxing glow to the room filled with tables, table-top/card games, big screen TVs and a well-stocked collection of films and video games. When the athletes were seen in the lounge there was a fencer and two volleyball athletes playing Uno while watching Juno. Also, three more fencers and a gymnast played a music video game (probably Rock Band) for more than an hour."

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