Former Dead Space Developer Reminds Us How Terrifying the Series Was with Concept Gallery

Former Creative Director and Production Designer on the Dead Space trilogy posted a huge, chilling collection of monster concept art online.

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PerfidiousSinn874d ago

Really liked the first Dead Space but I never bothered with the others.

BiggerBoss873d ago

2 was incredible, but i played about 3 hours of DS3 and brought it back to gamestop.

dreamoner873d ago

Played all but first was the best. Maybe second or third game's gameplay and whatnots are better but the atmosphere and the times I got scared in the first game was awesome. And I don't even like horror games/movies... but the horror came with the territory in the first one : p

-Foxtrot874d ago

I really hope if they ever do a new game they just glide over Dead Space 3 and continue straight on from Dead Space 2

Like the ship Ellie and Isaac are on is boarded by the Government and taken to one of their marker stations. They try to study/experiment on them but their meddling starts off another pandemic

Funny how EA could have learnt from the mistakes of Capcom with RE but ignored their failures

They did what Capcom did to RE in a single gen

Dead Space (Resident Evil 1-3)

Dead Space 2 (Resident Evil 4)

Dead Space 3 (Resident Evil 5/6)

Could have been the new king of survival horror if they weren't so greedy

tigertron874d ago

Dead Space 3 is leagues better than RE5 and 6.

3 might not have been as scary as the previous two, but it introduced some really cool features like custom weapons. Co-op was a laugh too.

23Breach873d ago

Dead Space 3 tried to be Lost Planet as Lost Planet tried to be Dead Space.

Video Games are weird.

BiggerBoss873d ago

"Co op was a laugh too"
For a horror game, that's not a good thing:p

LgbtWarrior873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

The first is the best. Second was good but not nearly as scary. Lack of bosses really hurt part two. 3 pretty much turned everyone off of the series. Its not broken, its quite polished. It just has no soul and is not scary in the slightest. Basically it's the resident evil 6 of the Dead space series. Jumped the shark .
Omg and the weapon system is god awful in part three.

FunAndGun873d ago

The first Dead Space is one of my favorite SP games from last gen. Part 2 was good and I never even played part 3.

I hope Dead Space is revisited in the future but with the soul of the first game. Not that action army of two crap from the 3rd.

IaMs12873d ago

Loved Dead Space 1. Reminds me of a spiritual successor of The Thing

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The story is too old to be commented.