Wii nears million consoles mark in Canada

The Cornwall Standard Freeholder writes: "The Nintendo Wii is about to hit the million mark in Canada, having outdistanced its nearest competitor almost two-to-one in unit sales this year. And the video game console continues to be a hot item elsewhere, driving up Nintendo's profit.

Consumers snapped up some 318,000 units of the innovative game console in the first six months of 2008, bringing total Wii unit sales in Canada to 986,200, according to the NPD Group which tracks the video game industry. An NPD spokesman said he expected the Wii to surpass 1 million when the July figures come in.

The Wii has more than met Nintendo's goal of attracting new gamers to the fold, with its interactive controller and imaginative use of accessories. Gamers can use the wireless Wii Remote controller as a tennis racket, hockey stick, fishing rod, weapon or in a myriad of other ways."

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