IGN: Red Steel 2: 10 Things We Need

With MotionPlus compatibility confirmed recently for Red Steel 2, it's clear Ubisoft is taking note of player feedback from the first experience. Of course, with the game still not 'officially' announced outside of off-hand comments from Ubi execs, gamers have yet to see what direction the series is taking and whether the gameplay will indeed be taken in a more palatable direction.

Join IGN, then, as they play the speculation card on Red Steel 2.

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Durffen3778d ago

The original Red Steel wasn't a complete failure. Yeah controls sucked, but besides that it wasn't a horrible game. As a Wii game, and a launch title, it looked pretty good.

I don't think there is any way Red Steel 2 can be worse then the original.

Mayle3778d ago

we dont really need a good story...just really bad a** sword fighting gameplay. (which requires good AI) ALL HAIL WII MOTION PLUS

ape0073778d ago

wii motion plus sword fights

better graphics,better levels

more veraity

Born2BK1NG3778d ago

Was the first redsteel good?

Durffen3778d ago

I thought it was ok, but it really wasn't a very good game. The controls were pretty bad, but it was a first time effort, and it was a game that wasn't in development for very long.

Voiceofreason3777d ago

It worked just fine for me. Movement took some adjusting as did sword fighting, but after a while I didnt have any problems with them. I do play a lot of RTS and Strategy games that side scroll so that may have made it easier for me to adjust to the control scheme. My biggest issue was the amount of glitches and bugs in the game. You could be fighting a group of 6 guys and they would all just freeze.

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