New Too Human Trailer: Ice Forest

A video preview of the cold and harsh area of the upcoming Silicon Knights title exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Viktor E3781d ago

Too Human is shaping up to be quite the Flop of the Year

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3781d ago

Joining Ninja Gaiden 2 and the upcoming Banjo Kazooie garbage will be a sad year for 3FIXME owners

nieto3781d ago

mmmmmm Too Human it's looking like a real FLOP!

Atomic3781d ago

Too Human is the antithesis of what's good about gaming .

JasonPC360PS3Wii3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 = 8.3 and 640,000 copies sold, (and growing fast) which is more than Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Warhawk, Haze and Lair "combined" infact it's outsold 80% of all the games on the PS3. Since droids say that NG2 is a flop, then I guess that makes the PS3... a flop. :) At this pace NG2 will outsell HS, R&C, and match Uncharted and GTP by this holiday season.

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RawPowah3781d ago

Looks a bit I dunno...Meh?

Atomic3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Looks retarded , it's the word you were searching for.
i can't understand why Xtards are getting behind this turd , i mean whoever your allegiance is for , you must stop the delusion and admit that this game is terrible and not up to today's high standards in games.

Viktor E3781d ago

The Graphics are no better than those found on the Nintendo 64 platform

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3781d ago

Actually it started development on PS1 and looks like it never made any progress

WIIIS13781d ago

Are you quite done talking to yourself through multiple accounts?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3781d ago


Once again,you know nothing.I don't know who this Nasim is.I came from Gamespot and I am a more insidious type of troll.Whoever Nasim is,his work is exemplary and the anger and frustration he has inflicted upon you xbots is magnificent and quite the show.However,this is my ONLY account because I just needed one.

I will see you around Xbot

Zhuk_3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Too Human will undoubtedly surpass all critical expectations regardless of delusional droid propaganda. Silicon Knights has made the right and only logical choice to develop this ambitious gem exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Dennis Dyack's complete vision can finally be fulfilled on the capable Microsoft platform, instead of the inevitable failure that is the inferior PS3. As a result, it will inspire more developers to proudly support the only superior console on the market with exclusive partnerships as many have already done.

There's no denying that this will be a worthy addition to the already stellar library of AAA exclusives in the 360's arsenal. This outstanding marvel is only possible on the Xbox 360.

cahill3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

man dont embarrass yourself

u know the reviews coming for this game

WIIIS13781d ago

Setting yourself up for a massive disappointment is something PS3 owners are very used to. Just like that slogan that 2008 is going to be the year of the PS3 - already proven to be a massive disappointment.

cahill3781d ago

PS3 has outsold x360 this year even in US too. July will be no different. MGS did what it was supposed to do

PS3 has the best lineup for Fall 2008 and is expected to overtake x360's LTD by this year.

Mgs4 moved ps3s like crazy and ps3 sales jumped 200% in US and in europe. Is that disappointment

u know the console whose sales have depleted this year. dont you

2008 remains as the year of the ps3
SOCOM, LBP,R2 and Motorstorm 2 --cant get better than that

nieto3781d ago

yeah Zhuk_... if MicroSh1t make a game about throwing sh1t to a wall for the X3fixme(aka the crapbox) you would wait for it like the second coming of jesus.

WIIIS13781d ago

Why lie to yourself? SOCOM, Motorstorm 2 and R2 are above mediocre at best. The only thing that PS3 owners have to look forward to this year is LBP. And hasn't it already been reported why PS3 is selling lately? People are buying it over stand alone blu-ray players after the format war was won. Says absolutely nothing about PS3's success as a gaming console.

pwnsause3781d ago


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Skadoosh3781d ago

Damn that gave me goosebumps. I love the soundtrack. Damn I want this game already. The excitement is starting to build with every preview I read. :)

cahill3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

you know the reviews that will be coming for this game.

Hype somethjing better ..u wont be disappointed

trust me ..the game will be torn apart when reviews are in

Bombibomb3781d ago

If that gave you goosebumps then you must have really bad taste in games.

Skadoosh3781d ago

Jealous much? If your not interested than why are you in here? Huh? I don't go into articles of games that I'm not interested in. Shows that your jealous. :)

cahill3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

man see the gameplay footages at GT and other sites before posting
I am telling yaa --you will be very disappointed when reviews are in

Hype Gears 2--that is more logical


where are those previews? Those are previews from XBOXOZs a site owned by Superfragillistic and other people

as i said hype something better and u wont be disappointed

Skadoosh3781d ago

I guess the last 10 previews stating the game is going to rock is all fake? Get out of here kid.

The playground is that away ------------->

midgetsanx3781d ago

Too Bad I don't have my 360 anymore. Hopefully, One of my buddies have a 360 so I can try out this game. I always saw it interesting even though the critics were always harsh.

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Rock Bottom3781d ago

Fits this game perfectly...

Skadoosh3781d ago

Giant Bomb? Never heard of it. Can't be worse than this site.

xjxdoggystyyle3781d ago

not sure what your doing..but why dont u clean this fanboy stuff up...unreal....this site is so poorly ran

KingME3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

You have probably already played the XBL demo of this game and made your decision based on your actual play (As I did). So who gives a sh!t what a bunch of paid off corn fed game reviewers thinks about the game if you like it. Too many people worry about what other people think aka, the birthplace of the "FANBOY".

I'm getting this game too, and if I like it, then I'm fine with that.

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