New Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Screens

New screens of Rare's next-gen platformer.

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Silogon3777d ago


Is someone's system maxed out already? Banjo, inspite of being in dev longer and by a so called brilliant team, seemingly looks worse. Maybe it's the art style, yeah?

Rayko3777d ago

and you are a what now?

RememberThe3573777d ago

lol I'm playing. The graphics look amazing to me but the art styles just not doing it.

cahill3777d ago

Ratchet looks miles better but dont start a war in the Open zone

InMyOpinion3777d ago

lol! You're telling him? With that comment?

marionz3777d ago

when will fanboys like you learn to piss off and stop wasting bandwith with your usles comments

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Viktor E3777d ago

A Square Nose,on a Bear?The Xbox 360 is truly a Platform of multiple failures

Zerodin3777d ago

Learn 2 art better dumbass! You know what? Feck you in your stupid goat ass. I'll just add you to my ignore list, biatch!

nieto3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

banjo it's looking crap zerodin.

this rare it's not the same rare that created goldeneye, they're a bunch of noobs utilizing the name of the old rare.

xmooth3777d ago

The developers have already stated many times that "Banjo’s new look is meant to be self-referential". It's an 'updated' and HD version of how the N64 Banjo would look, with its 'blocky' look from the old times. And, IMO, it's a fantastic idea. Also, I don't think that those shots show any graphical problem, do you? Because if you do, probably you need glasses.

Also, nieto, it's not true that the people from Rare isn't the same than in 1997, when GoldenEye was released. That's probably one of the most common lies about Rare nowadays. For starters, all the creative minds behind BK1 are still on this BK3, with its director Gregg Mayles still on the lead, and Steve Mayles as creative artist. But, also, you can count with Botwood (G007, PD), Tilston (KI, PD), Betteride (now Senior Director), Sutherland (DKC, BK, PD, BT), Seavor (Conker), Stephen McFarlane (Jet Force Gemini) to name just a few...

Shaka2K63777d ago

Embarrasing xbug 180 tittle to say the least.

Rayko3777d ago

looks fantastic, bye.

nieto3777d ago

Rayko if you think that looks good then you should play R&C ToD you would sh1t your pants!

Xbox is the BEST3777d ago

stop lying please. Banjo 3 looks better that R&C

InMyOpinion3777d ago

I think the game looks amazing. And most of all it looks like tons of fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.