The Thing Is A Movie Masterpiece, But Its True Sequel Is A Videogame

GamesRadar: This is a tie-in title that handles its property with both the upmost respect and ingenuity, paying careful homage to what was while also expanding upon it in organic and interesting ways. Take the game's flamethrower, for example. A crucial element of the movie, Computer Artworks makes this tool an indispensable part of your arsenal. Without it you haven’t a snowball's chance in hell of besting many of the game's enemies. Instead, players must first learn to soften up their targets - via conventional weapons - before switching over to the ol' toaster to put them down for good.

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BrianOBlivion1078d ago

I loved this game enough for a couple of play-throughs. There was one bug that particularly irritated me though -there was one character that I went to great lengths to protect but every time I managed to get him through the entire level, which was very difficult, and got into an elevator with him, he was never there when the door opened into the next area. I guess the game assumed he would never survive and he was never scripted beyond that point.
Great game nonetheless and very deserving of a remake.

Allsystemgamer1078d ago

I hope it eventually gets another one.

TWB1078d ago

Seen this game in so many article during the past week. Actually got around playing it a hour or two and it seems good.

At times gave me similar vibes as the AVP2 game (marines campaign) on PC.

dennett3161078d ago

The game might be fun...but it in no way pays the "upmost respect" to the property. It turns The Thing into an X-Files rip off, and cheapens the story and the ending of the original.
Better than the Prequel movie isn't exactly a glowing recommendation. Dental surgery with not quite enough anaesthesia is better than the Prequel movie.

Flash811078d ago

Changing the subject the X-files game was pretty decent too especially the story lol

Flash811078d ago

This was actually one of my favorite games back in the day. I also remember the suffering that was a great horror game too

BrianOBlivion1078d ago

Yeah, I really enjoyed The Suffering and it's sequel The Suffering: Ties That Bind. Two of the best horror games of the generation.

Flash811078d ago

And the sequel came out one year later after the first game.

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