Metal Gear Solid 4 ships nearly four million worldwide

Metal Gear Solid 4 has shipped 3.94 million units worldwide, according to a recent sales report from Konami.

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Zhuk3779d ago

Mediocre sales for what is suppose to be PS3's killer app

3779d ago
pwnsause3779d ago

hes just jealous because he couldn't get his hands on the game and use the Gillian Seed camo. you know the part were Snake looks like Gillian Seed just like the courage is solid trailer.

sak5003778d ago

It says shipped. 3 million are in bargain bin now.

Thoas3778d ago

Along with the Xbox 360 right next to it.

solidt123778d ago

Are you serious zhuki. Gears 1 shipped about 5 mil since release and MGS4 is close to that in less than two months. Gears came out 2 years ago.

juuken3778d ago

Duuuuuuuude...lay off the crack man.

solidt123778d ago

Zhuk is the most pathetic poster on this website.

Ali_The_Brit3778d ago

With the size of the PS3's install base, and how long its been out, its pretty damn good actualy.

Cupid_Viper_33778d ago

to overtake Gears of War lifetime sales.......wanna bet????

CyberSentinel3778d ago

MGS4 can not even sell a million copies in japan.

pwnsause3778d ago

you just lost all your credibility by posting VGchartz numbers

theKiller3778d ago

and when ps3 have a price cut expect sales of MGS4 rises much more in this fall!

its for sure it will have more than 6 millions sales during its life cycle!!

syanara3778d ago

having at least 1 million sales is AMAZING and since knami said they needed 1 million to make a profit well they are really making a profit now with 4 million shipped and its still selling. that is deffinitly killer APP and DEFFINITLY KICKIN ASS

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rroded3779d ago

not a bad start
but they deserve more

Overr8ed3779d ago

its good with the smallest install base out of the 3. This holiday i can see MGS4 hitting 5.5 million due to people still waiting to buy their PS3.

cahill3778d ago

so definitely expect 7m-8m lifetime sales

as for June expect 3.5m copies being sold out of 3.94m shipped

mistertwoturbo3778d ago

It seems like a lot of people are just waiting for the 80gb bundle. Every time I see them available, it's sold out again.

My friend was actually one of the luckiest bastards. He just casually went into Best Buy, saw the MGS4 bundle and bought it. While this whole time I know like 2 other friends waiting for it lol.

TOSgamer3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Amazon has them in stock if you want to direct your friends there. $499 shipped.

Edit below:

4 million shipped means sold to Konami.

Tarasque3778d ago

Shipped and not sold is a big difference. They might have shipped 4 mill but might have only sold 3.

TOSgamer3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

BTW all the sales numbers toted by companies about their game sales are probably shipped numbers as well. Just because they decide to use the word "sold" instead of "shipped" doesn't mean it is sold to customers. Or do you really believe that each company has a representative at every store in the world counting each sale of their game? Wouldn't it be more realistic and accurate just to count the merchandise they ship out to distributors and big box retailers?

Bonsai12143778d ago

does this number count bundles?

mistertwoturbo3778d ago

Well it seems like it's more accurate when a company announces how many they've shipped. How many's Sold is still the big question.

But then again, shipping could show how much of a demand it really is.

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DJ3779d ago

I see this game hitting the 5 million mark by the end of the year easily.

Silogon3779d ago

4 million for not even 2 months on store shelves is amazing. More so when you factor in maybe 15 million Ps3's out there and the fact gears of war only sold 5 million on a 20 million install base over the last 2 years.

I guess we know what is and isn't now, huh?

cahill3778d ago

so 4m shipped within 2 weeks

around 3.5 m sold

UnSelf3778d ago

u kno Silo, i think we now do.

I salute u Solid Kojima-sama

dkp233778d ago

MGS is already a well known title while GOW sold 5 million as a brand new title, how can you compare the two? Might want to compare with Halo 3 which was a well known title like MGS and they sold 8 million or more?

Esena3778d ago

But Halo belongs to a more "average-joe" gaming genre. MGS is a unique experience which I know some wont enjoy. Those who appreciate art, talent, and the overall experience of a game are MGS fans.

Gears is a can't really compare Gears of War and MGS...although Gears is good the shooter genre just has more appeal -- hence why we are getting so freakin many! :(

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RawPowah3779d ago

Kojima and his team really put their heart into this,I wish them all the success :D!