4 games to play instead of Halo

IM PLAYIN discuss 4 time filling titles to keep you interested during this period of Halo hype

"If you’re like me, an Xbox One owner who doesn’t care for the Halo series, you’re probably getting a little tired of all of the Halo hype. So, to keep you entertained until some better games come along (like Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront) I thought that I’d suggest four of my favourite time filling titles!"

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Christopher933d ago

Wait, Project Zomboid is not on XBO... Kinda missing the point then, isn't it? Don't play Halo! Play on your PC!

Zeref933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

What kind of person that has an Xbox doesn't care about Halo? Of course there are nonfans but to not care for Halo? Never heard that before.

tucky933d ago

You Can care about halo ... But halo 5 is a huge disappointment. Could not care less for this franchise from now on. Halo 4 was the beginning of the end

xasz932d ago

Many who are playing it would disagree with you, especially in regards to the multiplayer.

Fro_xoxo933d ago

There was a time I didn't care for Halo too. I had an Xbox.

Then I played REACH and got hooked. REACH was my first Halo.

Point is, it is definitely possible to own an Xbox and not be into Halo.

in fact my best friend is an Xboxer 'nd he's not into "Halo Gears, and Forza".

MasterD919933d ago

Why single out Halo? It's like talking crap about Star Wars. There are millions of fans who disagree with your opinion, and those who do agree with you are already not playing it.