Battle stations: Everyone's a winner...

Jason Hill Writes:

"I hope you have all enjoyed this week's Battle stations series. There has certainly been some spirited and entertaining debate.

While some gamers might display an unhealthy and irrational allegiance to one console over another, I'm sure that deep down you all share my hope from two years ago that all three "next-generation" consoles succeed. As I wrote:

"A successful Nintendo lets us delight in the genius of Shigeru Miyamoto and encourages an overly conservative industry to embrace innovation and concentrate on entertainment rather than technology.

"A successful Sony gives us wonderfully inclusive family fun like EyeToy, SingStar and Buzz, and more games like Gran Turismo, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

"And a successful Microsoft gives us a fantastic online gaming system, more Halo, and keeps Sony on its toes."

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