The Zombie Game That Gets Halloween Just Right


"For such a fun holiday, video games have a lot of trouble doing Halloween justice. Sure there are exceptions—Destiny just did a pretty good job, and Costume Quest is fun—but for the most part it’s a time of year that games struggle to really celebrate. Unless, like right now, we’re talking about Undead Nightmare, the most Halloween video game experience of them all."

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WeAreLegion771d ago

I play it every October. I'm also playing Costume Quest 1/2, the new Fatal Frame, and the Halloween Night level on Bully.

robtion771d ago

Undead Nightmare is still the best DLC/expansion for a game yet.

I want to see something similar with a steam punk theme for AC Syndicate.

optimus771d ago

I've had this game sitting in my library for 2 yrs and i never bothered to play it cause some other game comes along and pulls my attention away long enough to the point i forget i have it...i guess i should check it out...but why do people play it with n Halloween, does it have Halloween themes in it??

CorndogBurglar771d ago

Well i mean, Undead Nightmare is a complete stand alone story where a zombie apocalypse happens in the beginning of the story rather than the events of Red Dead Redemption. Its basically done like an old school style zombie movie that happens to take place in the old west era.

The environments are all dark and gloomy and zombies are everywhere. So yeah, you could say its totally relevant to halloween.

TeamLeaptrade771d ago

The Undead Nightmare is my favorite DLC of all time for sure. It's one of those DLC's that can be re-played over and over and sometimes I go back to it just to kill off zombies and just roam around the world once again.

Also, I remember having a ton of fun playing online too, should probably get some friends to play it tonight or tomorrow. Great times!