Destructoid Gives Eternity's Child a 1 out of 10, Developer Retaliates

An example of what happens when reviewers get too close to the people who make the games they're reviewing. It's a scenario that I'm sure many critics in the industry hope to avoid. More inside...

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name3783d ago

Day one buy! Screw teh haterz.

The Lazy One3783d ago

Don't put a link to the review in your article or anything... that would just make too much damn sense...

(not a reply to you)

Smacktard3783d ago

That's a damn shame. It sounds like the guy really has put a lot of care and dedication into the game, and it certainly looked interesting. I really wanna know where the 1 out of 10 score comes from, and now I REALLY wanna try the game for myself.

pwnsause3783d ago

i like how devs retaliate after they shipped the game, it shows the turd that they created.

Darkiewonder3783d ago

Bought it on steam for $4.79 and hated it.

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The story is too old to be commented.