Cheaper Blu-ray promised by tiny new chip

Blu-ray players and recorders look set to get considerably cheaper after a breakthrough that squeezes all their processing components onto a single chip.

Japan's NEC has announced what it calls the EMMA 3PF, which is the world's first fully functional BD controller on just one chip with its own multi-core CPU.

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dro3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

i got a ps3 so im good,im not bying a stand alone blue ray player even tho they cut it price.but for those who are not gamers this is a deal u should take!

LeSouteneur3778d ago

cheaper PS3s as well (for those that don't have one yet)

cahill3778d ago

cheaper ps3s FTW

More BD titles FTW

thereapersson3778d ago

Innovations such as this are a big help for the consumer. If they can get the price of players down to 299 or less, and the prices of movies brand new by 10 dollars (19.99 - 25.99), we will see a big jump in sales.

cahill3778d ago

BTW transforemers Blu Ray is coming this Spetember

dont forget to buy it everyone

pwnsause3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

i have to get a Sound system before i take full advantage of that movie, its the only way to cherish the moment. especially now that that they are taking advantage of the BD 50gb disc instead of the inferior HD-DVD disc.

rockleex3777d ago

I can't wait for "The Dark Knight" to come out on BluRay!!! >_<

cahill3778d ago

stop with the hate

and deliver goods to ur consumers

hate/anger will only make ur consumers/xbox owners suffer

cahill3778d ago

you can get decent Blu Ray movies from amazon for 10$ on their promotional sales events

If u have an HDTV then u should get a BD drive/ps3

Le-mo3778d ago

Yah, the prices for blu-ray movies should really be lower. New movies can go as high as $50.

cahill3778d ago

also BB/FS has a huge collection of Blu-ray discs too
and now they have a bigger array for NEXT GEN DVD titles

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