Black Ops 3 Announces New and Improved NukeTown Map and More

BlackOps Friday concluded today with the focus on their Nuketown gameplay reveal. The final installment showed off the most beloved map in Nuketown.

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Relientk771023d ago

Glad Nuketown is back, and it looks awesome

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pivotplease1023d ago

Still seems dated in many ways. Now it's just old CoD with Titanfall's mobility mechanics with a postmodern setting. Basically Advanced Warfare all over again.

objdadon1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Nah bruh, this ain't no advanced warfare, you basically fly in that game. Treyarch knows how to make cod as evident by the success of the beta as well as the fact that black ops 2 still has a very good population on it's servers to this day.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1023d ago

They listened more this time too, different weapon types, even the flamethrower is back. Personally the wall running is my thing, titanfall or not, so if they can make a better titanfall then that sounds great!

pivotplease1017d ago

I actually preferred IW back in the day. I think Black Ops was the tipping point. Now Treyarch probably are the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.