Saints Row 2 Brotherhood Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming game Saints Row 2, This game shows one of the gangs, The Brotherhood Of Stilwater

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theKiller3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

how always they put the playstaion icon before the xbox! i guess the brand name recognition is in everybody's subconscious!!

on topic: they did the right thing to delay this game for improvements and also to avoid GTA4 effect!!
i personally think saint raw 2 will be better game to play and enjoy!!
GTA4 had so many flows in it

jackr393780d ago

It reminds of me San Andreas cause of all the funness you could have with it! I think this should be able to beat GTA IV cause that game was to realistic and a big let down for San Andrea fans who were expecting a funner game:( still pretty good game though.

October 14 here we come:D

The 4th WarLord3779d ago

i know it looks awesome, this gang looks brutal