GameSpy: Blitz: The League II Preview

2005's Blitz: The League was a marriage of survival. Thanks to EA's exclusivity deal with the NFL, franchises like NFL Blitz faced extinction. ESPN's 2003 TV show "Playmakers," which broached controversial subject matter taken straight from the locker rooms of football stadiums across America, lasted only a handful of episodes before it was yanked (some say at the behest of the NFL). Both fused to create a totally in-your-face football experience that was decidedly outrageous fun. Midway quietly announced a sequel a few months back at its media day, but GameSpy got their first look at Blitz: The League II with producer Bill Fox last week.

More arcade-style football fun combined with more extreme storylines and gory presentation flourishes.

It's not very hard to tell if you're the target audience for this game or not; will AI improve over last Blitz?

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