Blitz: The League II Has Exploding Testicles

During a game, you'll have the opportunity to injure the opponent. That's no surprising as Blitz was all about making late hits and cheapshotting. This can range from making a simple tackle to pulling off your helmet and hitting the opponent in the face. But it gets worse.

If you've done enough damage, you're treated to a nice, little movie from inside the opponent's body. You'll see close-ups of bones breaking or muscles tearing, it's quite funny. Kotaku's favorite part is the dislocated shoulder.

But if that's not enough, there's one achievement Kotaku was told about that will make you wince. It's called 'Testikill' and, you guessed it, it involves crushing your opponent's, uh, man area. They didn't see this performed (thankfully), but the Midway rep went into detail about it. Trying to keep this post as PG as possible, I can say is that if you've ever wondered what testicles looked like when they rupture, well, you'll find out.

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highps33780d ago

Ive always liked blitz. Sucks they have to use the fantasy teams but even so the game is still solid. Hope this version will be great.