Warhammer Online - interview with Mythic's Josh Drescher

There's been a huge amount of interest in Warhammer Online -- pre-orders have shown this MMORPG will likely be near the top of the charts upon release. Gameplanet put some questions to Josh Drescher, Associate Producer at EA Mythic, to learn more about why this is...

GP: We know you have a bunch of Warhammer fans on your development team – has it been hard accommodating everyone's "must-haves" in the game?

Josh: Yes it has, but we've done a lot to integrate as many armies and locations as possible for launch – even if some of them (Tomb Kings, Skaven, Vampire Counts, etc.) aren't playable initially. Luckily for us, MMORPGs last for YEARS, which will give us time to work in as much of the Warhammer IP as possible over time.

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