X-Play G-Phoria 08: Best Handheld Game

Adam Sessler is here to present the winner of Best Handheld Game at G-Phoria 2008.

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chrisnick3781d ago

how can u have a best of 08 when 08 isn't even finished?

pwnsause3781d ago

g4, it doesnt count, their way of thinking is bad. although GOW:COO is the best handheld game so far this year.

Viktor E3781d ago

No wonder Xbox 360 owners are depressed all the time,being on the losing team must suck very much

CrizzleC243781d ago

if your not joking,

MS doesnt have a Handheld!!!!!!!
!!!!!!ULTIMATE FANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way PS3's Halo sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Monty_The_Great3781d ago

really any other option? GOW on the PS2 is awesome, and then bringing it to a handheld? A no brainer for best handheld game.

DA_SHREDDER3781d ago

But anyways, back on topic,, I wonder why Crisis Core wasn't on the list. And I wonder why all of them other retarded games made it?

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