Another Dead Island Remaster Listing Appears for Xbox One/PS4 With a Release Date of December 4th

Dead Island may be stumbling onto Xbox One and PS4 a little later this year.

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Sir_Simba967d ago

Don't call it a remaster, I do consider buying remasters,but this is looking like a port, with the short amount between now and release and Zero marketing, Its freaking port and I hate ports.

chrish1990967d ago

I prefer a bit of optimism myself. There's nothing to say this isn't a remaster, so maybe best to hold out hope for a remaster or at the very least a decent "port"

_-EDMIX-_967d ago

I know right bro, and you HAVE TO BUY IT TOO! I hope we get that damn law requiring us to buy ports removed!. /s

Sir_Simba967d ago

EXCUUUSE ME for cristisicing a practice I don't like and I think is terrible.

I'm guessing you decided to buy everything that you criticised right?

_-EDMIX-_967d ago

bud...that is like going to every single article on a game you don't like and telling them to not make it...because you don't like the game.

That practice is why you even still see new titles being made. They have the right to use their IP as they see fit.

You don't need to buy it and I'm not even sure how a publisher or developer not making money helps you lol.

Is them going poor something that makes you feel good? Did THQ do right by you for going under? lolz.

Most don't even have real logical reasons why they hate ports other then assumptions of how they "think" they are made.

967d ago
Travis3708967d ago

Plz let this be the last remaster from a multiplatform dev
I don't wanna see these in 2016.

_-EDMIX-_967d ago

...close your eyes. I don't want to play I don't.

I mean...are you dying by knowing they exist? lol

Skate-AK967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

The profit margins are simply too big to pass up remasters. If releasing remasters gets some cash flowing and different development teams can pitch more new IPs, then I am for it. I really want Hellraid to release so I have no problem giving Techland some cash. This is coming from someone that bought DI at launch and Riptide for full price shortly after release.

SolidGear3967d ago

I'm excited about Hellraid too. Hope it has a retail release. I know it was put on hold to make The Following but I don't mind because I friggin love Dying Light.

967d ago
_-EDMIX-_967d ago

"For the most part since before gen 8 launched demand for remasters has been higher than demand for new games"

I can't say all that now, I don't even think that is feasible. Not enough remasters have sold or released to really support that statement.

Folks want some remasters, but ultimately want new games more. As I'm sure the excitement for Detroit is higher then the excitement for Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls port.

That news was so under the radar that after Sony's crazy E3 press event, those announcements where so left behind lol.

I remember stating it weeks ago that they where being made and many on here didn't even know that. A

I'm sure many are indeed excited for Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 remasters, I don't know if I can say any where near as excited as they are for Detroit.

Skate-AK967d ago

I would buy it for sure. Despite the technical issues it's some of the most fun I have had in a co-op game. Hoping to see some improvements from the time they spent on Dying Light. I wonder what effects and optimizations they can add going from Chrome Engine 5 to Chrome Engine 6.

Youngindy21967d ago

Never got a chance to play this game(was probably too busy playing Left 4 Dead), so I might check it out if this is true.

Skate-AK967d ago

Now a L4D 2 remaster would sell like hotcakes. Even more so considering it was never on a Sony console.

SolidGear3967d ago

Hell I was hoping for a L4D collection on PS3 years ago. I doubt Valve would do it though because they're not all too focused on games at the moment, lol.

RedDevils967d ago

They should remaster PS2 games

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