Fable II : Pub Games - August 13th

GamerScore Blog writes: "For those who have pre-ordered Fable II to get the Pub Games, the date they become available has been announced. You will be able to start earning your cash on August 13. If you haven't pre-ordered but want to start hoarding cash, you can get the games for 800MS points.

I got to check out the three games, "Fortune's Tower," "Keystone" and "Spinnerbox" at E3 a couple of weeks ago and had a lot of fun with them. It's obvious that each one is based on a familiar casino game but incorporate their own unique twists.

I spent most of my time (and lost all of my cash about 10 times) on Fortune's Tower. You bet against your own greed as you are dealt cards hoping to make the most cash possible from the sum of the cards in the current row. Makes complete sense, right? Let me stick a screenshot in to try and convey what the hell I'm talking about..."

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