Nintendo Being Sued Again

MyWii News writes: "Nintendo has received yet another lawsuit, and just after they finished one up that saw them out of pocket with some cash, but what is it for this time, the Nintendo DS touch screen has infringed upon something.

That's right Nintendo is being sued over the Nintendo DS infringing upon a patent set by Mr. John R. Martin, from Illinois America, and the patent basically covers "touch screen and pointing device gaming technology".

However there is a problem with Mr. John R. Martin's claim as the Nintendo DS was released in 2004 his patent was filed in August, 2005 however apparently while this particular patent is more recent, it's actually the continuation of a series of patents first filed all the way back in 1995."

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Gamekilla3721d ago

does it still even count as news, nintendo just keeps getting sued....

tomorrow's headline, "sun rises"

ice_prophecy3720d ago

I swear the moon came before it!

OSIRUSSS3720d ago

I'm thinking about suing Nintendo. I had a working Wiimote back in 1974.

Tyrael3720d ago

Any company that innovates is more than likely to face something like this...not like its gonna really hurt their pockets

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