Xbox Live Marketplace… Note: Huge Success

You could say that it would be an understatement that the Xbox Live Marketplace system was a successful venture into the online micro-transaction world. But the impact of this phenomenon might be a lot bigger than you imagine. And it's getting so much bigger

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toughNAME3721d ago

but it's the best gamers have

power of Green 3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Interesting, kind of agree on some levels(could be so much more, with what XBL already offers). I'd like to pay monthly fee's for both multi player and for free access to all content, just one example(and for XBL video market place) Netflix can do as they will).

Unified server farms are great and all but they should have dedicated servers for huge multiplayer hits(if only there was a way to know what games will justify dedicated servers).

Thoas3721d ago

It better be good if your paying a annual fee for it.

GiantEnemyCrab3721d ago

and it absolutely is. What I spend on going out for a nice dinner and a movie just once is already more than I pay for an entire year of Xbox Live entertainment.

The best.

GiantEnemyCrab3721d ago

Note: Huge Success!

Agreed with that. Of course it could always be better(free+more dedicated servers) but it is definately a success.

The best console with the best online service!

DarkSniper3721d ago

Xbox live marketplace has one of the most clunky interfaces in this generation. Dark Sniper loves the easy to use interface of PLAYSTATION® Network and it's simplistic navigation tools. One major feature of PSN is that Sony will continue to support all of their content for the entire lifecycle of PLAYSTATION®3. Microsoft on the other hand will abandon and delete titles without notice which shortens the online experience and damages their reputation amongst their loyal gamers.

If it's one thing that Dark Sniper has learned, Microsoft follows a trend of abandoning their own. Sony represents loyalty, which is why Dark Sniper will never let go of his PLAYSTATION®3.


GiantEnemyCrab3721d ago

"Dark Sniper loves the easy to use interface of PLAYSTATION® Network and it's simplistic navigation tools."

Windows Media Center says "You're welcome!"

ukilnme3721d ago

DarkSniper represents the best there is when it comes to swallowing instead of spitting. Kaz and the crew love the way that you guzzle on their ballz which is why Sony will never let you go.

morganfell3721d ago

I agree. The easy to navigate PSN along with the Xmedia bar is the sleekest interface ever. There is nothing better than creating your own folders and organizing the interface and files the way you want rather than by corporate dictates.

WIIIS13721d ago

Sony has a very slick interface, great designs and all. BUT all that won't save them from the fact that PSN has crap content and features.

morganfell3721d ago

You are a funny little dumbass. Too bad you have no idea what youare talking about. Oh well, one more village idiot to put on ignore. Goodbye dumbass.

WIIIS13721d ago

You've said before that you would put me on ignore but you obviously didn't, so that gives me the impression that you're the irresponsible type who makes statements without conviction and cannot be taken seriously. Not that I give a damn whether you or any Sony droid put me on ignore, but this is a clear indication of your character.

You're also conceited in thinking that you're the only one with all 3 consoles. If you'd stop for a moment with your petty whining over your 360 RROD, you'd realize its true PSN has crap content in comparison.

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