Ready for the $12 Nintendo Computer?

PC World writes: "You've heard of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) with its bid to put a $100 laptop in the hands of children the world round, but how about a tiny slice of silicon that only costs twelve bucks? According to ABC News, it's already in the cards, thanks to a 27-year-old graduate student named Derek Lomas, who plucked a couple of cheap game-playing gadgets off the street while kicking around Bangalore, India, last February.

His idea? Take the notion of a $10 to $20 game machine using an NES processor and turn it into a $12 quasi-computing contraption with modifications like flash memory, wireless connectivity, and educational software. A kind of "Sharp Wizard" for the 21st century."

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Isaac3778d ago

The Wii is worth $12, actually

Born2BK1NG3778d ago

its worth $100 realisticly at the MOST...

deeznuts3778d ago

Funny thing is, this can run wii games with only a slight bump down in frames per second ...