IGN: Yakuza 2 Hands-on

IGN writes: "The first Yakuza was something of a mess. Oh, the game itself was decent in parts, but so much of the effort taken to localize the game ended up muddling an already uneven game experience. The storyline, one of the main things the beat 'em was supposed to rely on, got bogged down with way too much extraneous cussing, some laughable voice acting choices and a narrative that wasn't always as compelling as it probably could have been.

With the sequel, though, novelist Seishu Hase and producer Toshihiro Nagoshi are aiming to right some of the wrongs in the first game. It's a theme that actually carries over into the story of Yakuza 2, and thanks to a much-improved translation (albeit with perhaps a few too many instances of "yer" and "ya") that actually looks like it respects and aims to give the source material a solid foundation in English instead of peppering it with excessive expletives."

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