Gamers Universe: Football Director DS Preview

Gamers Universe writes: "Marrying our nation's favourite pastime with Nintendo's diminutive handheld has proven a tricky task thus far, so Football Director DS takes it back to basics. As a management simulation it won't appeal to the 'glorified spreadsheet' mindset, but ticks the right boxes for those of us weened on the likes of Championship Manager. The touch-screen controls and dual display provide ample opportunity for a tailored interface, and this exclusive preview build reveals a capable suitor for the charms of the DS. Who'd have thought it?

Football Director features all four major English leagues and licenses for over 3800 global players in its bid for authenticity. Individual skill attributes have been compiled for handling, tackling, passing, shooting, pace, fitness and morale - with an overall aggregate to keep things simple. There are no scouting deals or ties to the PFA, so player stats are at the mercy of the developer. Errant ratings seem to be scarce, although an 81% for Nicholas Bendtner reveals at least one Arsenal fan on the team."

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