Gamers Universe: Coffeetime Crosswords Review

Gamers Universe writes: "It's not often you see an Xbox Live Arcade title that would appeal to your great auntie Nora, but Coffeetime Crosswords is just that. It's a relaxed, chilled-out gaming experience that won't have them phoning the Daily Mail to whine about antisocial behaviour. If anything, Coffeetime Crosswords encourages the exact opposite enabling you to get online, round up a few like-minded wordsmiths and set to solving its clues and puzzles in the game's co-op mode.

Coffeetime Crosswords takes the age-old mainstay of newspaper puzzling (popular long before that cheeky upstart Sudoku started cropping up everywhere) and gives it a spin around the insides of your Xbox 360. Coffeetime Crosswords features several levels of difficulty and presents a standard word grid (albeit an Americanised one; their crossword puzzles aren't quite as nifty or as intricate as ours). There's no cryptic stuff here, just straight-up clues across the grid's horizontal and vertical axis."

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