UGO Preview: Too Human A-Z

UGO: "Silicon Knights' long-awaited role-playing epic Too Human has gone through a ton of changes in its history. Originally intended for the original PlayStation, it made its first bow at E3 1999, nearly a decade ago. After migrating to the GameCube the next year, the project was put on hold until technology could catch up to the developer's big ideas for the game. Well, the technology is here and Too Human is hitting this year. The third-person action RPG looks to blend a swath of awesome gameplay elements into a rich, compelling story that draws inspiration from Norse legends and futuristic cyberpunk. With this feature, we'll give you everything you need to know on the game, its characters, and the mythology behind the action. Nine years is a long time to wait for a video game, but this is one of the few times we can confidently say that it was worth it. Strap on your greaves, hoist your great sword, and jack in your implants - we're about to get Too Human."

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