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From the article: "Exploring Wikipedia, I read that as video games gained popularity that the term was used to describe an obsessive loyalty towards one platform. It goes on to say that this could be due to the price of the consoles limiting people to one console and the obsession stemming from the defense of that decision.

This made more sense to me.

However, reading multiple gaming forums and filtering out the immature "ps3 iz gay!" comments, I couldn't find any comments referring to the price of a console being the reason why a particular person has chosen one console over another. The common factors appeared to be the gaming library, the online factor and the person's gaming roots."

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PS3rd the Turd3720d ago

Obsessive loyalty to a brand...even when it SUCKS.

Nasim. This is NASIM.



Zerodin3720d ago

I actually own consoles from all three companies!
I just love bashing the Sony droids because.
A.) They are the most defensive!
B.) They are the most likely to go out of their way to insult everything else!
C.) They are the funniest.

zo6_lover273720d ago

"They are the most likely to go out of their way to insult everything else!"

Just look at the above comment, that will prove you wrong.

power of Green 3720d ago

Grrr... Flop box please fix me, must die.

That Xbox 360 cake, RROD while baking.

Lifendz3720d ago

Broke Box please fix me.

Flop box...hmmm...never heard that one before.

PoSTedUP3720d ago

i coined the term "XboxPleaseFixMe" when i first came to this site.......sorry bout that. i haven't used it since!

Tacki3720d ago

Is a devotion to a single video game console much different than say... being devoted to a particular sports team? I'm interested in other's thoughts on this. Because in my mind they're very similar. I just wonder how gamers who are fanboys differ from any other kind of fanboy. Being a gamer and a fanboy is so often looked down upon, whereas in other forms of entertainment a 'fanboy' is considered as more of a 'fan' from my observation.

PoSTedUP3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

i love the GIANTS and will defend them to the end of time, that doesnt mean i hate the eagles... i actually love the eagles too just not as much as the giants and although they are both good i prefer the giants. eagles is my second favorite team. and when someone says the eagles are better i have to disagree.

i prefer the ps3 but i dont hate the 360, i dont have one (360) because its different than sports teams cause real money is involved, although i do bet on the giants alot its different, its like the giants and the eagles going head to head and you have to bet 400$ on one of them.... which one do you think i am going to put my money on?

and the fanboyisnm.... pshh im a fan of the ps3 ya know. a FAN. and thats what fans do, they route for their team, they debate for their team and they even fight for their team, go to a phillies game and sit on the phillies side and route for the giants (you will get into a fight) cause thats how it is ya know. we fight for what we prefer. we get defensive just like the football players playing football get defensive they have to go on defense when someone is attacking them and hold down their side and prove that they are better. of course they are getting payed for it unlike us but sh*t... its all about the sport isnt it? the entertainment, something you love doing. this sh*t is entertainment to me and it actually keeps me out of trouble and away from drugs and sh*t and thats the main reason why im here besides my love for sony of course and thats how it is ya know. its not that much different at all then a favorite sports team, its actually quite similar. i route for the ps3 cause its my favorite and i have my reasons why i think its better and i will defend it with actual facts why its better cause i like defending it cause its entertaining at the same time im routing for them and actually helping them win with my contributing purchases towards their games, accessory's, movies, console, PSN games and i have contributed alot and i got alot of good things out of it so its actually better than a sports team (not the GIANTS though ; P) ya know. to me its a great hobby just like following your favorite football team is a great hobby.

yo thanks for bringing the sports subject up though man it was an excellent question, much respect man peace and god bless. : )

Shaka2K63720d ago

Both who shared the same pathetic lifeless lifes and spend all of their time trying to justify their purchase online.

Zerodin3719d ago

So that's why there are droids in EVERY Non-sony story.

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