GamerInfo Review - Diary Girl

GrizzMagoo of Gamersinfo Writes:

"When I was younger, I had a diary and wrote all my poetry and secrets in it. What I didn't know was that my mom also read it, and when her eyes came across the entry about losing my virginity, she packed me off to a camp for troubled youth. Diary Girl wasn't around back then to save me from a wasted summer, but you can rest assured that your secrets are safe inside this game.

There really is no story to tell. Diary Girl is a journal on steroids - complete with calendar, single and multiplayer games, an address book, personalization options, and a monthly horoscope. Holding the Nintendo DS like a book, you use the stylus to navigate through the game. Don't worry, lefties! By visiting the game options, you can adjust the screens to fit your southpaw. The right side of the DS is where you make all of your selections, and the left side is where the images alternate between your personal avatar, time limit and score."

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