Gamers Universe: LEGO Indiana Jones PC Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Traveller's Tales has been having quite a time recently with its action adventure offerings - after bringing us the best bits of both Star Wars trilogies re-imagined as cute LEGO based adventures, it now falls to the Indiana Jones series to push bright plastic highlights into the brains of gamers everywhere.

While Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skill failed to revive the theatrical soul of 80s Indy, the LEGO edition jumps back in time to when the franchise had some hope, grabbing every memorable scene to create a tapestry of levels that push those rose tinted specs into overdrive. Each of the three films is given a six chapter retelling with the characters and props replaced by their LEGO equivalents."

+Competent adventure title
+Lots of Indy moments
+Unlockables galore
+Co-op adds a lot
+Easy for kids

-Too easy
-Less than perfect AI
-A few rather obscure puzzles
-Palette swap from Lego Star Wars games

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