Gamers Universe: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars Retro Evolved on Xbox 360 was the stand out first generation Live Arcade title. Even to this day it remains one of our most played games – quite some feat, when you consider the number of hours we've put into Activision's other stable mate, Call of Duty 4. But with the original so perfectly tuned and executed, how on earth could Bizarre improve it?

First things first, this is still very much the same Geometry Wars (GW) we all know and love. It looks like GW, it sounds like GW and, after four hours' play, it even makes us smell like GW. It's a sweet, sticky, honey-like smell if you're interested. You sick puppies."

+Six unique game modes
+That are all worthy additions
+Stunning Visuals
+Compulsive leaderboards
+Just-one-more-go obessive

-No online co-op
-Lack of multiplayer leaderboards
-It makes us dream of space ships
-Some people are just too good at it

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