Mirror's Edge boxart revealed!

PSBeyond writes: DICE's upcoming game, (and one of our personal favourites) Mirror's Edge, has just had its boxart revealed. It's quite a standard affair, and seeming intergrates the sterile environment that we've seen in the game. Oddly enough however, the site which listed the boxart also lists the game for a September release; which is quite off the initial November date that we were told - perhaps it's a mistake, but soon we'll get confirmation of a release date...

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Le-mo3752d ago

Isn't this like.........old?

Milky3752d ago

hell yeah she is so beautiful.

Forbidden_Darkness3752d ago

yeah im sure i saw it also, though it does look nice.

Johnny Cullen3752d ago

What the hell?

I posted this on my site a couple of days ago...and it failed Approvel when somebody tried to post it!


doshey3752d ago

same here and i failed too

[email protected]3752d ago

I don't like the cover anyway >__>

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The story is too old to be commented.